5 Free Granite Textures 2016

I finally got a hold of a bunch of granite counter top samples. You guys are going to love these. Over 30 new textures have been added to the Stone Gallery here:

Visit our site for the full resolution download, it is completely free. I really appreciate your support over the years, help share and spread the love for free textures.


stone texture wavy granite counter photo wallpaper


stone texture orange red rock gtranite dyed counter surface


red rock texture granite surface smooth counter stock photo


granite texture stone counter top sample rock speckled gold


granite texture rock sand stone smooth surface stock photo




5 Free Brick Textures 2015

Brick Walls.

Red brick textures, walls of city hall. Brick has been used in architecture for a long time, that provides  neat contrast when photographing a new building, and an old one. Bricks can vary in color, size, shape, and pattern.
All photos provided here can be downloaded for free in their full resolution at the http://texturewallpapers.com website, and texturex

To see all 31 new additions visit our Brick Gallery here:


brick texture large resolution wall building architecture stock photo

Light Brick Texture

red brick texture even wallpaper rough surface stock photo

Close up Brick Texture

brick texture wall grunge wallpaper rough plaster broken barn photo

Rough Brick Texture

brick texture red dark variated color wall surface pattern rectangleBrick Texture

brick texture pattern wall mason red wallpaper rough surface

Brick Wall Texture

5 Free Fractal Textures

Fractals aren’t the most popular texture style. Perhaps they are more of an individual art than a standard stock resource, but it also makes them harder to find.
Their abstract light and undefinable movement can have a very unique use in graphic design. They are well used when you don’t need to define what you are looking at. They also make great wallpapers.

To see all 29 new additions visit our Fractal Gallery here:

fractal texture 3d abstract bar bubble hand blue green wallapper

fractal texture 3d

fractal texture dark web abstract nether world abyss blue grey light wallpaper

fractal texture dark

fractal texture electric butterfly teal orange lightning abstract stock wallpaper

fractal texture electric butterfly 

fractal texture wallpaper disk zoom abstract pink orange wavy spiral stock image

fractal texture wallpaper disk 

ghost fractal texture skull ghostly white blue light abstract stock wallpaper

ghost fractal texture 

5 Free Wood Textures

This is everyones favorite texture. We have just doubled the amount of free textures available in our Wood Gallery. With grunge, plank, natural, bark wicker, and more. Visit the gallery here for free full resolution downloads

grey wood texture scale grain plank stock wallpaper oak

Grey Wood Plank Texture

hard wood texture floor plank smooth shine cherry wallpaper

Hard Wood Cherry Texture

rough wood texture grunge dirty cut grungy wooden panel

Grunge Wood Texture

wood burl texture rough cracked natural wooden wallpaper

Wood Burl Texture

wood texture wicker weave multi color stock photo

Wicker Wood Texture

5 Free Metal Textures

Our metal texture gallery is by far our most popular, with over 800,000 views on our existing metal textures. However it has not been updated since the beginning, so here is our first major update, 25 new metal textures. Brushed, shiny, steel, copper, and more.
Check out these samples, and be sure to visit the full gallery here:

brushed silver metal texture tile surface clean aluminum surface stock photo

brushed silver metal texture

brushed steal metal texture dark steel wall photo cold black

dark steal metal texture

diamond plate metal texture dirty grunge steel high resolution photo

diamond plate metal texture

galvanized metal texture steel plate high resolution wallpaper

galvanized metal texture 

shiney copper metal texture pitted bowl water drop wallpaper

shiney copper metal texture

5 Free Sky Textures

Blue skies, and white fluffy clouds. Sunsets, and glowing colors. These free sky textures come in all sizes, including ultra high resolution panoramas. Check out the entire set in our Free Sky Texture Gallery
Perfect for web design, desktop backgrounds, and skyboxes for 3d, and game design

Perfect Sky Texture

sky texture perfect day blue white fluffy clouds wallpaper background

Perfect Sunset Texture

sky photo beautiful sunset high resolution stock photo large wallpaper blue gold clouds

Eagle Sky Texture

 sky texture bald eagle silhouette ribbon clouds white blue stock photo

Large Sunset Texture

sky texture high resolution skybox detailed clouds blue cloudy 

Dark Sunset Texture

Sky Texture orange clouds sunset high resolution photo skybox 


5 Free Grunge Textures

Photoshopped Grunge Textures. These grunge textures are layered and edited, but all of the original files, as well as these can be downloaded at full resolution at our Free Grunge Textures Gallery
Perfect for web design, desktop backgrounds, and 3d design projects

Light Grunge Texture

   Light Grunge Texture desktop wallpaper background purple yellow photoshop

Grunge wall texture

Grunge Texture blue green wall rough dirty urban photoshop

Purple Light Grunge Texture

light grunge texture purple yellow faint

Dark Grunge Texture

Dark Grunge Texture evil green photoshop desktop wallpaper

Dirty Grunge Texture

Dirty Grunge Texture dark wallpaper