5 Free Glass Textures

Stained, tiles, and chipped glass. These glass texture photos are free to use for personal or commercial design projects. Great for graphic design, or as a detailed desktop wallpaper
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Dark Glass Texture


Glass Lamp Texture

lass Texture lamp backlit glowing stained grungy tiled amber yellow

Tiled Glass Texture

Glass Texture pearlescent shine tile wall metallic surface photo blue orange

Amber Glass Texture

Glass Texture stained lamp window amber yellow glowing section

Chipped Glass Texture

Chipped Glass Texture counter surface green cracked broken


5 Free Bark Textures

Rough, gnarly, and full of texture landscapes. These bark texture photos are free to use for personal or commercial design projects. They work great as the start to a grunge effect, or as a detailed desktop wallpaper
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large Bark Texture

bark texture wood large rough red wood outside california_800

Old Bark Texture

dark wood texture old bark rough fire hazard photo_800

Fir Bark Texture

Wood texture bark douglas fir photo rough image_800

Madrone Bark Texture
 Wood Texture Pacific Madrone Bark Peeling Arbutus menziesii Madrona stock photo_800
Red Wood Bark Texture
wood Texture tree bark large red wood pieces wooden stock photo_800

5 Free Fun Fabric Textures

Swirls spots and polka dots. These wild patterned fabric textures were made to provide color, and flare to any current design project, or for use as a desktop wallpaper.

Free for commercial use, you can download the full resolution photos here: Fabric Texture Gallery

spots fabric texture blue green pattern wallpaper cloth stock sqirl fabric texture green path pattern wallper free stock swirl fabric texture poka dots spot pink cloth pattern spotted floral fabric texture black white stock pattern cloth wallpaper

polka dot texture fabric orange swirl cloth pattern stock photo

5 Free Leather Textures

Leather textures provide a clean solid color, with a unique embossed feel. Perfect for a simple desktop wallpaper, website background, or to provide a clean look in graphic design projects.

To download the high resolution photos visit the Free Leather Texture gallery.

White Leather Texture Light Embossed Fabric Free Stock Photo Wallpaper Black Leather Texture Dark Embossed Fabric Free Stock Photo Wallpaper

Brown Leather Texture Embossed Fabric Free Stock Image Wallpaper Grey Leather Texture Blue  Embossed Fabric Free Stock Photo Background Red Leather Texture Light Embossed Fabric Free Stock Image Background

5 Free Brick Textures

Rustic, earthy, and repetitive. Enjoy these texture photos for graphic design projects, or desktop wallpapers

To download the full resolution visit our free brick texture gallery

Red Brick Texture

Red Brick Texture Free Stock Photo background construction structure wall wallpaper

wall Brick Texture

Dark Brick Texture Wall background old structure wall wallpaper grunge Free Stock Photo

Stone Brick Texture

brick texture rock stone algea grey green uneven dirty wall cracked Texture

cobblestone Brick Texture

Brick Texture Grey Cobble Stone Small Ground background block construction old structure wall wallpaper

Large Brick Texture

Brick Texture Red Grey Large Stone Ground Gradient background block construction wallpaper

5 Free Bokeh Texture Photos

Enjoy these Free Bokeh Textures. They can be used for a wallpaper, or as stock. a Bokeh effect plays in light and color to create a relaxing feel.

To download the full resolution images visit TextureX.com


blur texture bokeh light effect free texture stock purple

bokeh light texture free stock photo blur red orange pink

bokeh photo free texture light color stock blur

city bokeh texture light effect free stock image

5 Free Brushed Metal Textures


Enjoy these brushed metal textures provided by TextureX.com They can be used for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, wallpapers and more.ImageImageImageImageImage